Mitsuba’s ISM Highlight: New Flavor Explosions Korean BBQ & Indian Curry


Are you ready for a spicy twist on your snack routine? Yearning for flavours that push the boundaries of the ordinary? Mitsuba is here to rescue! At the ISM trade fair in Cologne, the world’s largest exhibition for confectionery and snacks, Mitsuba eagerly unveiled its newest – irresistible- rice crispies.

And not only did they showcase their streetfood snackmixes which won the ISM consumer award last year, but they also showed a range of packaging options for their extensive assortment of Asian inspired snacks.

Hold on tight, because Mitsuba’s latest creation is set to ignite your taste buds: Rice cripsies in Korean BBQ & Indian Curry flavours! Building on the success of last year’s award-winning Thai Chili Cripsies, Mitsuba had no choice but to expand their delectable snack range with two tantalizing variations.

These rice crispies are so crispy and bursting with flavour that they will land right on your favourite snack list. Plus, Mitsuba’s Asian-inspired snacks are not only vegetarian but also palm oil-free.
Don’t miss out on the excitement and spice up your life! Click here to view the complete assortment.

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